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The How

We take a collaborative approach to building successful and strategic campaigns. Our winning formula is both an art and science.

Step One
Data Analysis

Our data team analyzes your district's demographics and voting trends to determine your best audience. The team then breaks the population into groups for further refinement and targeting.

Step Two Message Development

The strategy team develops messaging that speaks to each of the demographic groups defined by the Data Team. The messaging is then woven into the chosen engagement methodologies.

Step Three Branding and Creative

The Creative Team works collaboratively with the Strategy Team to develop graphics, videos and other content to capture the attention of your target audience.

Step Four Campaign Execution

The strategy team leads to execution of your campaign and deploys the appropriate engagement methodologies for each demographic group defined during the data analysis phase.

Step Five Monitor & Control

Our PMP (project management professional) certified project manager oversees all the tasks and metrics necessary to ensure the project objectives are being met. Our team keeps you in the know with frequent status reports and makes adjustment(s) to the campaign as needed.

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